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-Ascension Lutheran Church, Worship at 10:00am | Ocala, Florida

Ascension Lutheran Church, Worship at 10:00am, Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

Ascension Lutheran Church
Ascension Lutheran Church is a very welcoming congregation of about 150 attending members. We have traditional worship service with Holy Communion at 10:00 AM. Regardless if you are a life-long Lutheran who has missed a few Sundays, or if you are a Christian from another church looking for a different light on the Gospel, you are welcome in this place!

Whether you are a young family, a retiree, or a single looking for a new Church experience, our church invites you to join us as we study the Bible and learn about God in our life. We offer programs for all age groups.

Our Pastor

Our Affiliations
Our church is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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